Tassel Basket DIY

June 21, 2018

I bought this basket at Goodwill for $1 (yes, you read that right!) a few weeks ago and had intended to sell it, but it's been such a perfect little home for my snake plant, I just couldn't list this one. As much as I loved it the way it was, I really thought it could benefit from a little sprucing up. I've been loving all of the tassel baskets I've seen in stores lately (see here and here) and figured I could do my own knock off version pretty easily using stuff I already had at home.

You will need: 
     - wicker basket
     - cotton string 
     - scissors
     - glue gun and glue sticks

If you've never made tassels before they are incredibly easy. 

- Choose an object that is close to the length of tassel you want. I used my phone. Wrap the string around the object until it is as thick as you want. Cut the string and slide off, being careful not to mess up the loop you just made.
- Cut another smaller piece of string. Leaving about half an inch at the top, Wrap the new piece of string around the bigger loop and tie a couple knots to secure. Trim the ends.

- Cut all the loops at the bottom of the tassel.

Now do it again! You're going to need a bunch of these, so pick a good movie, cozy up, and keep going! (Here's a helpful video if you need more of a visual!)

Once you've got all those tassels done, hot glue them around the basket making sure to space them evenly.

And you're done!

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  1. Hi Rachel. What a great craft project! Our readers will enjoy your post. Thanks for sharing. We've included it in our latest craft inspiration roundup. https://craftylikegranny.com/craft-creativity/ Cheers Jodie :)